Why Choose Us

Over the last few years Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. has built a reputation as a high quality provider in numerous industry sectors. As an Internet and Data Connectivity service provider, we efficiently and effectively manage people, processes and technology to provide a great customer experience.

Our Strength:

Tomato Web (Pvt.) Limited's main strength is its:

Experience and Expertise:

With more than 3 years in the business, we are providing best Internet, Intranet & Network solution across the country. Our technical consultant staffs are highly experienced and trained by well-known program i.e.: CCNA (Cisco Certificate Network Associated), MTCNA (Mikrotik Certified Network Associate) MTCRE (Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer) RHCE (Red hat Certified Engineer) and ready to serve you.

Top Quality Network:

Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd’s network infrastructure is based on internationally recognized Gigabit Ethernet technology, such as Mikrotik, Cisco, Dayou network devices. Our backup systems include backup server, networking devices, transport link, power which is capable to prevent any possible damage 24/7. We use 4 International backbones and gateways, set on different networks -IIG to ensure connections will not be interrupted even if one network has a problem.

Highly efficient network system:

Our security systems are designed to protect you at all times with higher efficiency routing and sound management. Our network is designed as dual system (dual back up) and dual network equipment for best performance of security system.

Variety of Products and Services:

For us to succeed as a company we must meet the needs and size of businesses on a daily basis. As our customers vary from individuals to major corporations we therefore offer a comprehensive range of quality, product & services.

After Sales Service:

Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. offers an after-sale service, providing supports for home users. We also have separate Corporate Care team, who are specialized in solving problems in the corporate networks, to help our corporate users. To ensure quality service and reduce response time, you will always work with one regular support staff who possesses a deep understanding of your problems and your organization backgrounds.

Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd Branch:

With branches in all regions and designated hotlines, we can serve you with high quality equipment and experienced officers and engineers, 24 hours.

MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher):

Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) monitors and manages the internet usage, such as upload and download bandwidth usage, and will also produce reports showing the inbound and outbound data rate in the network. Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd will send this report to its corporate customers to confirm the internet usage in each time period for better bandwidth management. MRTG displays the inbound and outbound data rate in graphs that are easy to understand. There are four types of charts:


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