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Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. a pioneer of data communication service provider has made the biggest ICT investment first of its own fiber & redundant through NTTN fiber connectivity across the country.

Broadband Internet Service:

Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. provides reliable, highly available and on-demand bandwidth provided to the customers. It offers dedicated, secure and managed internet access to enterprises with the highest service levels. Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. offerings of Dedicated Internet Service on Fiber Optic / Radio Link allowing symmetric (both uplink and downlink are of the same speed) web access to the customer very much necessary for modern age service usage including Voice, , Data, Video, Webcasting and Interactive Communication.

Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd Hotspot:

Hotspot Access enables you to connect to internet through wireless LAN, which combines the broadband services with the Wi-Fi technology. Just finding a hotspot, you can get connected to the internet, send e-mails, download data and process business transactions wherever you are.

Corporate Leased Line:

Leased Line is a high-quality internet service for corporate that requires a stable internet system with a speed level from 64 Kbps. With a point-to-point leased line Implementation, your corporate network will be connected to Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. directly and transmit data on a private communication channel, hence a highly-secured network system.

Corporate Ethernet:

Ethernet Internet is the connectivity service through fiber optic cable from the provider’s network to the last mile. Fiber optic cable is generally more stable and robust against environment compared to copper wire connectivity media. The transmission rate is up to 10 Gbps with the assistance of software. This connectivity service is suitable for organizations, which connect to locally hosted sites and also ideal for organizations that normally access both local and overseas net sites at a relatively high level.

Mikrotik Router/Switch Service:

This service is used for maintaining the status of the router. You can view a graphic console on-line, which will identify the status of the router, and you can also view online reports for analysis in order to solve problems.

ISP Redundancy:

ISP Redundancy is a service provided by Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. The system will switch you to connect through available links from the other. To make our services even more reliable and stable, Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. also provides Backup solution in case when a main system encounters a problem.


In an increasingly competitive business world, your work can be done from wherever you are, not just in your office. Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. provides a new way of wireless technology. This wireless internet connection enhances conveniences and work effectiveness in your organization as well as increasing customer satisfaction.


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