Wide Area Network (Data Connectivity)

It enables users to share information inside of their own network. Especially corporate users having several branches are using such kind of services. We do provide the service to make this happen. It is typically discussing equipment that is designed to provide or gather information needs to communicate beyond itself, to similar equipment or to a dissimilar system.

Tomato Web (Pvt.) Ltd. provide high speed DATA Connectivity (Intranet) between head office & branch offices of the same company or different companies. It’s a Wide Area Network (WAN) within the metropolitan or nationwide locations.

Our infrastructure allows us to offer key services such as Level 3 (MPLS IP VPN), Level 2 (VPLS), and Level 1 (Optical VPN) VPN services. By combining innovation, advanced technology, experience we are able to offer network services for secure banking On-Line Transactions, IP VPN, MPLS VPN or flexible Ethernet design to various organizations.


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